IMG_9068The DiVine Wine Bar opened on July 17, 2015 with the primary goal of providing customers an opportunity to try various types of wine at their leisure in a relaxing environment. 28 varietals are always on-hand and available for self-service. The self-service is provided by Napa Technology WineStation dispensers. These units allow wines to be enjoyed by the 1 oz tasting, half glass, or full glass. Each wine is temperature controlled and protected from oxygen to allow the full flavor of the wine to be enjoyed for weeks after opening. Obtain a wine card from our staff and enjoy our full selection of wines ranging from light sweet whites to full body reds. Grab a glass, place your wine card in the machine, and select your desired varietal and quantity. With our wine glass carriers you can create your own wine flight tailored toward your personal style. With the 1 oz tasting, it provides an opportunity to try that wine you’ve always wondered about. Our selection continuously changes to allow a unique experience each time you visit. Also, if you or someone in your party prefers an alternate to wine, we carry over 75 bottled beers. Our selection varies from light beers, to ales, to porters, to IPAs. Just grab your selection from our cooler and let our staff know of your choice.

Once you pour, (or uncap) your perfect selection, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in one of our seating areas. The first area entails low leather seating where you can enjoy a view of downtown Findlay and historic photos of the area. Our second seating area encompasses an early 1900’s bar, various high top tables, and TV’s so you can catch the game. Between both areas, we ensure you can find that relaxing place to enjoy a good beverage with your significant other, or with a group of family & friends.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Jeff & Amy Cleemput, Owners